Twitter Wars: The Chris Brown and Raz B Scuffle

I was up at about 11:00pm on Thursday 29th December going through twitter updates when I stumbled on a twitter argument between Chris Brown and Raz B (of the now defunct R&B group, B2K).

Chris Brown is a popular and successful American recording artist. He has released three albums to date (Chris Brown, Exclusive and Graffitti) and was named the top artist of 2008 by billboard magazine. He is currently working on his fourth studio album to be titled “F.A.M.E.”, standing for “Forgiving All My Enemies”.  On March 5, 2009, Chris Brown was charged with felony assault and making criminal threats due to the altercation that occurred between him and his then-girlfriend and fellow R&B singer Rihanna. He was consequently sentenced to five years of probation, one year of domestic violence counseling and six months of community service plus a five-year restraining order which requires him to remain 100 yards away from Rihanna, and 10 yards at public events. Chris Brown probably deserves this but what bothers me about the Rihanna issue is the fact that no one seems to talk about what Rihanna could have done that chevied Chris Brown to the point of physical aggression towards her. At the time of the incident, there were lots of stories and rumours all over the place. However, I would really love to know exactly what she did.

B2K was an American R&B music group founded and managed by music producer Chris Stokes in 2001. This group comprised Lil Fizz, J-Boog, Raz B and Omarion. B2K broke up in 2004. On December 24, 2007, videos surfaced on YouTube showing Raz B discussing allegations of rape and sexual misconduct by his ex-manager and cousin Chris Stokes, against him and fellow members of his former band, B2K. However, Chris Stokes denied all the allegations. Later on, Raz B made a public apology stating that the allegations about Chris Stokes were not true. However, in September 2010, he returned with allegations that Chris Stokes and Marques Houston sexually assaulted him. Raz B is currently working on his solo career, and has future plans to release his autobiography.

Actually what drew my attention to the ruffle on Twitter between Chris Brown and Raz B was this tweet from Andre Merritt:

Andre_Merritt: @razb2k Yooo my nigga I will beat your fuckin ass putting my name in some shit!!!! RealTalk

Andre Merritt is a singer and songwriter who works closely with Chris Brown. He has been involved in the creation of some wonderful music, and I am an ardent fan of his.

Chris Brown is a really talented individual. However, I did not always like his music. In fact, in my opinion, Chris Brown USED TO BE a very terrible singer. Yes, Yes, he is a great dancer and all, but I found his singing quite annoying. However, recently, I have grown to respect his musical abilities, especially after the Rihanna accident. Despite the amount of sludge thrown at him due to his display of bad temper towards Rihanna, Chris Brown has still managed to revamp his musical career through sheer talent, hard work and determination. The amount of sweat he has put towards his music is completely evident in his recent work.

Now, I am a fan of Chris Brown but not a very passionate one. Consequently, I do not even follow him on Twitter, so his tweets do not readily catch my attention. However, I am a very passionate fan of Andre Merritt and his song writing abilities, and I simply could not miss the above tweet. That tweet was enough to raise my curiosity as to why Andre Merritt would want to actually beat someone up. At first I did not know exactly who the tweet was directed at. I mean, Raz B is not exactly at the top of his musical career at the moment and I might not even recognize him even if he were sitting on my living room couch, so it never even really occurred to me that it was the former member of B2K, Raz B.

Going through Raz B’s Twitter timeline, it is evident that he has the hots for Rihanna and wishes to be in a relationship with her. This can be seen from the following tweets of his:

razb2k: Let me see, I met @rihanna at the beverly center once, she was very nice a humble, she had some dude with her, when I see her,

razb2k: @Rihanna this song is Dedicated to you Baby I Need You,I waited this long FUCK IT what I gotta loose– Myron Destiny

razb2k: @Rihanna I had to call my Big Bro @iamjamiefoxx to help me explain how I feel about you

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